Website Hosting and Maintenance Packages

Yearly Website Hosting and Domain Name Renewal Packages

All our Clients Websites are Hosted on Fast, Secure, Reliable UK based Award Winning Hosting. We would NEVER compromise any of our Clients websites by using Cheap Website Hosting. As standard we build in an initial 12 months of Website Hosting into all our New Build Client Websites.
After 12 months we offer all our clients the facility of being able to pay to renew their Website Hosting and Domain Name with us for a further year and then going forward we can continue to accept yearly payments to renew the website hosting and domain name each year. (As a guide - the present average Yearly Website Hosting and Domain Name renewal costs £125 per year for a Small Usage Business Website ranging to £250 per year for a Large Usage Business Website)
Important Please Note - The Yearly Website Hosting and Domain Name renewal payment is the payment for your Yearly Website Website Hosting Renewal and Domain Name Renewal, it is NOT a payment for further Design Work or Website Maintenance. For further Design Work or Website Maintenance please see 'The Affordable Website Maintenance' section below. Thank You

Affordable Website Maintenance

We offer Our Clients the Option of either Monthly Contract Website Maintenance or Pay As You Go Website Maintenance. If your business requires regular monthly Website Maintenance we offer various plans to save your business money, please see the below table for further details and prices.

MONTHLY CONTRACT MAINTENANCE - Save Your Business Money with a Monthly Website Maintenance Plan

Plan Hours Minutes Price Hourly Rate
Option 1 3 Hour Plan 180 Minutes £112.50 £37.50 Per Hour
Option 2 6 Hour Plan 360 Minutes £210.00 £35.00 Per Hour
Option 3 12 Hour Plan 720 Minutes £390.00 £32.50 Per Hour
Option 4 24 Hour Plan 1440 Minutes £720.00 £30.00 Per Hour
Option 5 36 Hour Plan 2160 Minutes £990.00 £27.50 Per Hour

PAY AS YOU GO MAINTENANCE - No Contract Website Maintenance and updates (1 Hour Website Maintenance Plan) - 60 minutes website update = £40.00 Per Hour - (please note a minimum fee applies of £20 for any PAY AS YOU GO website maintenance)

*Please Note - As we have many clients who have regularly paid to use our Website Maintenance Services over the years and are very Happy to continue using the service, in fairness to these clients we are unable to accept any requests to complete any Website Maintenance Tasks free of charge.

Typical Website Maintenance tasks we can do for you...

  • Create New Web Pages or Update Existing Ones
  • Add Images or Graphics
  • Anything GDPR - e.g. Adding in Your Business Privacy Policy (your Business Privacy Policy will need to be supplied by you) with Linkage / Adding in a Tick Box to Contact Form Requiring Individuals to confirm that they have read and agree to your Terms and Privacy Policy (with links to these pages) - However please note we cannot supply information or legal guidance about the GDPR we advise that you consult with your Business Solicitor
  • SSL - Certificates (SSL Certificate for 1 year - £100) - Plus the time it takes to implement it into your website
  • Adding New Email Addresses
  • Setting Up New Email Addresses
  • Email Forwarding
  • Setting Up / Managing Autoresponders
  • New or Update Forms
  • Mobile Friendly Website Updates
  • Updating Latest News / Products / Services
  • Taking Regular Backups of Website so Nothing is Lost


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